Toyoda Trading Company is a fashion distributor since 1984 of its establishment. Our customers are the multiple branded stores, the leading department stores and the lifestyle stores. Our sales territory covers Japanese and Taiwanese markets.
We offer a complete distribution service for menswear, womenswear and accessories.
We put the important weights on PR activities according to our close relationship with the publishing companies.
Our aim is to achieve common success in our markets for the partner brands throughout our significant relationship with our customers and our deep knowledge at the markets.





  • お客様、お取引先、社員自身の安全や健康を第一に考慮し、日々の業務を真摯に遂行します。
  • お客様、お取引先、社員同士に対して誠実かつ公正であり、深い信頼関係を維持することに努めます。
  • すべての仕事に対してプロフェッショナルの意識を持ち、より高いレベルの企業活動を目指します。
  • いかなる反社会的勢力を持つ団体との関係を持たず、健全な地域社会づくりに寄与します。
  • 社会的責任を果たし、企業自らの永続性と環境を意識した持続可能な社会づくりに貢献します。



We believe that it is important for each and every employee of the Company to respect social norms and act sensibly and responsibly in accordance with our corporate philosophy in order to secure the trust of society and enhance our corporate value.
We also believe that all employees should feel pride and joy in their work, develop themselves through their daily work, and understand that their contribution to the company’s profit is further connected to their impact and contribution to society.

All employees of this company shall comply with the following:

  • We will carry out our daily work with sincerity, giving first priority to the safety and health of our customers, suppliers, and our own employees.
  • We will strive to be honest and fair with our customers, suppliers, and fellow employees, and to maintain a deep relationship of trust.
  • We will maintain a professional attitude toward all of our work and strive to achieve a higher level of corporate activity.
  • We will have no relationship with any antisocial groups and contribute to the creation of a healthy community.
  • We will fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society that is conscious of its own permanence and the environment.